Fibreglass Sheeting

We distribute the full range of Ampelite fibreglass roof sheeting and cladding, from domestic grades through to industrial and special purpose products.


1200gsm – Lightweight sheeting, suits general purpose applications such as pergolas, carports, greenhouses, etc.

1500gsm – Wonderglas GCP is a premium domestic sheet with superior weather resistance, a wide range of colours and a 20 year Warranty.


Ideal for use in industrial applications such as factory skylights and wall cladding. Fibreglass provides efficient and cost-effective lighting with low thermal expansion. Available in almost all current and superseded metal roofing profiles, and in a variety of finishes. Specialised and industry-specific sheeting is available, such as chemical-resistant, fire-retardant, etc.

Standard surface coat is ideal for general applications, and carries a 10 year Warranty. The Wonderglas GC range will provide a longer lifespan than standard sheeting due to it’s gelcoat surface treatment, and carries a 25 year Warranty.


  • Standard Surface Coat (SC)
  • Wonderglas GC – gelcoat surface
  • Coolite GC – heat-reducing sheet
  • Webglas GC – heavy gauge woven glass mat
  • SR76 – smoke-reducing
  • FS Firecheck – fire-retardant


Available in either standard panel size or made to length. This is a versatile product, ideal for applications requiring translucent sheeting with a flat finish. Uses include skylight ceiling diffusers, cupboard and door inserts, etc. Available in either Opal or Clear.


  • Curved flashings for bullnosed metal roofs
  • Made in fibreglass they are extremely durable
  • Quick and easy to install, they are much more economical than existing steel flashings
  • Available in Hip, Barge and Valley flashings, with matching metal straights

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