Industrial Ventilation

Every industrial building – large or small – needs to keep air circulation and keep temperatures to a comfortable level.

Wind-driven turbo ventilators are used the world over for this purpose because of their low capital and installed costs, and because they are an effective, reliable and maintenance-free ventilation solution. Using only wind-power they extract stale air and allow fresh air to circulate within the building.


Applications include: –

  • Removing hot air and fumes in factory situations
  • Removing chlorine fumes above enclosed swimming pools
  • Exhausting pit gases, methane, sulphur dioxide, etc.
  • Minimising condensation under metal roofs over water storage tanks

We distribute the full range of Australian-made, all-aluminium Ampelair industrial ventilators. Sizes range from 150mm throat right up to 950mm throat size, with a choice of either vari-pitch base or square-to-round base design.

These units feature a straight-vane design for higher efficiency, stainless steel bearings and a two-part shaft system in a fire-resistant nylon casing.

They are available in either mill finish or powder coat colours, and carry a 15 year manufacturer’s Warranty.

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