Sunglaze Polycarbonate

SUNGLAZE Polycarbonate offers great appearance and design, versatility and low maintenance with simple installation. SUNGLAZE incorporates standing-seam and joining system that guarantees water tightness and allows for large spans. It is available in a range of colours – from clear (like glass) to tinted and translucent sheets to suit your outdoor area, awning or light feature.

Sunglaze Polycarbonate

Sunglaze is low maintenance, adaptable and cost-effective.

SUNGLAZE includes a standing-seam profile and 4 mm thick solid polycarbonate glazing meaning that it is strong and can span good distances unsupported, making it visually stunning. It is suitable for both flat and curved designs.

  • Glass-like in appearance – flat and solid, but weighs much less.
  • Standing seam joins mean that it is leak-proof
  • The system is strong and comprehensive
  • Caulking and silicone free installation
  • Easy, fast and safe installation
  • Minimal maintenance

Australian stock is limited to:

4 mm thick x 800 mm

Available colours are Clear, Solar Grey, Solar Ice, Solar Control and Solar Olympic

Additional colours and thickness/widths can be purchased pending lead times and job quantities.

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